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Here we go…..

Day One! I want to start by saying I never ever thought I would be a blogger. Not that there is something wrong with blogging, but I’ve never enjoyed writing or blank pages. I enjoy reading them, but the thought of having a blog of my own never interested me. However, a few weeks ago, as I was talking to my husband about food and cleaning tips I had shared with others, he said you should blog. Me? Blog? Excuses poured out, but as a good husband and friend does, he saw something and continued to ask me about it and encourage me to try it out. If it weren’t for my husband, day one would not exist. He is my best friend and believes in me always. He is my encourager and always pushes me to move beyond my comfort zone. (As we all know, amazing things rarely happen within your comfort zone). Thank you Jason for helping make this scary thing called a blog a reality. Love you all the stars and mars.

For those reading, I hope you enjoy as I share about lessons learned, adventures, food, house tips, raising boys, devotions, and more; all focusing on our heart, health and home. I also want to encourage anyone out there who has a desire to do something scary and completely out of your comfort zone…go for it. Who knows who you will inspire, encourage, and strengthen through your adventure called life.

Comfort Zone