Quick Sweet Tooth Fixes

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With summer starting and closing on a house (woohoo!), posting has not been the first thing on my mind the past couple of weeks, so please forgive me. We have been working on the house since June 1st and I cannot wait to post some pics of the house with the renovations my handsome and creative husband has designed and some projects he has completed. Love my man with many talents!!! The kids and I haven’t been much help, but we do deliver food and we love to hang out in the backyard. Not having a backyard for almost ten months, the kids absolutely love to run around, slide and play ball. We are moving in next week with some projects to still complete, but do not worry pics will come soon.

But now on to why you are really here…quick sweet tooth fixes. I don’t know if you are like me, but there are those nights after dinner where I immediately think, “I need something sweet and I need that sweet fix now.” There is no time to make cookies, brownies, or run to the nearest yogurt shop, you need something easy and quick. Here are two recipes that I use to fix that sweet tooth.

Chocolate Covered Clusters


Favorite raw nuts

Chocolate chips or bar (We use Enjoy Life Mini Chips or 100% cocoa bar)

Pinch Sea Salt

(The amount of nuts and chocolate depends on the number of clusters you want to make and how chocolatey you want them to be.)


Melt the chocolate in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds and stir. Continue this step until the chocolate is melted completely. Add in raw nuts and stir until nuts are completely covered. Using a spoon, scoop clusters onto parchment paper. Then sprinkle with sea salt and place them in the freezer. They will harden within 10-15 minutes and then they are ready to eat, but you might need to eat fast as they may melt fast.

Chocolate and Strawberries


Fresh Strawberries (sliced)

Chocolate chips or bar

Local Honey

(The amount of all ingredients listed depends on the number of desserts you are making and how chocolatey you want them to be.)


Slice the strawberries and place in a bowl. Drizzle with honey and add chocolate chips. If you are using a chocolate bar, then you will want to grate or shave the chocolate on top. These are that easy and so yummy. (Adding some coconut whipped cream would be great too.)

I hope you enjoy these sweet tooth fixes. What are your go-to desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth?


Author: Jennifer Laird

My name is Jennifer Laird. I am married to an amazing man, Jason, and we have two sons, Liam and Nixon, and a dog named Felipe. I am not a skilled writer by any means, but would love to share some simple thoughts about my passions......from motherhood, God, food, being a wife, health, and more. I also cannot wait to share wisdom and insights I have gathered from the superwomen in my life. I hope you enjoy reading as I share with you this adventure I am in called life.

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