Pre-K at Home!

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I remember over two years when my mother-in-law asked me to sit down as she had something to share with me. As she shared with me things she saw in me, she quickly said, “Now don’t freak out when I tell you this, but there will be a time in your life I see you homeschooling.” And yes, I laughed out loud. I was a working mom and staying at home to teach was not in my plans. However, I am in month 7 of “homeschooling” my five and two year old boys. I write “homeschooling” because it is only Pre-K and I am not implementing a particular curriculum, but in my mind school is school.

So what got me here? I became a stay at home mom when my family moved to Texas and my oldest son was approaching Pre-K. At the end of 2013, he had begun our church’s Pre-K class two days a week and we were now approaching the fall of 2014. But due to a late birthday, he would remain in the same class at the church, which meant he would be receiving the curriculum again for the 2nd time. Therefore, I knew I needed to add to what they were doing or I could pull him out of his current class to attend another Pre-K school. Since we had recently moved, I did not want to remove him from a place he had become familiar with and really enjoyed attending, so I went with the other option…homeschool! (And yes I saw my mother-in-laws face as I made this decision. LOL) I decided I would reimplement what he was learning in his church class and add to it by including science, history, and math as the church’s class was more focused on writing, recognition and phonics.

So in August 2014, Pre-K began in our home. I remember the night before the first day of school at home, I sat in my chair wondering where do I even begin as I felt my brain had been stuck. Then it happened, it was like a literal lightbulb went off, I opened up excel and started creating lesson plans for the week. I started with letter A…genius I know. I began thinking of words that began with the letter and went from there. The word chosen would lead, for the most part, the art, science, math, and reading lesson. For example, A is for apple would include writing the word, apple art prints, learning about how apples grow, guessing and counting the seeds within the apple, using the seeds in a science experiment, writing the letter A using the seeds, reading Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss, and more. Many of my ideas would come from a google and Pinterest key word search like “apple pre-k or kindergarten lesson”. I also purchased workbooks from Target and the Dollar Tree that were Pre-K and Kindergarten specific. Below is a link to what my lessons look like.

Pre-K Letter A Lesson Plan

There is definitely much to improve on and more to tell when it comes to what our days look like including have a two year old involved, but I wanted to give you a glimpse into homeschool for our family. I hope this helps you think through homeschooling as an option for you even if it is just Pre-K.


Author: Jennifer Laird

My name is Jennifer Laird. I am married to an amazing man, Jason, and we have two sons, Liam and Nixon, and a dog named Felipe. I am not a skilled writer by any means, but would love to share some simple thoughts about my passions......from motherhood, God, food, being a wife, health, and more. I also cannot wait to share wisdom and insights I have gathered from the superwomen in my life. I hope you enjoy reading as I share with you this adventure I am in called life.

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