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Along for the Ride

Hi there! I hope you had an amazing and adventure-filled summer. I know we did. Three months that I thought would be slow flew by us rather quickly. Even though it was fast, it was fun. Between out-of-town guests, soccer, vacation, and church, it was full, but we had a blast. Now that we are getting back to our schedule, blogging time has reappeared. Today I am excited to share a quick thought with you.
The other day as I was getting in the car, I had this thought as I drove away. I was heading to a place I knew about, but my children did not. Many times my boys, especially my oldest, need to know the plan. He daily asks, “Mom, what’s the plan?” or “So here is the plan, Mom”. If I do not have a plan for the day, he is usually able to create one pretty quickly. Well in this moment, we were leaving the store and I had this thought to surprise them with the next stop. I assume they thought we were simply heading home, but little did they know I would be taking them to get some frozen yogurt.
In my drive to the “unknown” place, I began thinking about how much I like to know the steps for my life and especially like to know the destination places. However, most of the time the steps and places I am led to are not the places I assumed I was going. Many times God just wants to take you and I along for a ride like I was taking my children that day. He wants us to sit back and trust him to bring us to the right destination. Like an excited parent who is driving to a place to surprise their children, God gets excited to surprise us with our next place. I can only imagine the joy God gets as He orders our steps to bring us into our next season. I can only imagine the great wisdom and discernment He implements to drive us to our next place.
When I arrived in front of the frozen yogurt store, my boys were stunned. They were so excited that their initial response was speechlessness. They could not believe where I had brought them, but as soon as they walked through the door they were running to try all the flavors offered. Is that how I respond when I arrive to a surprise destination that God has brought me to? Sometimes, but there are definitely times when I do not respond with excitement. I am speechless out of fear, confusion, or anger. That day I felt God tell me to trust Him more. Trust Him in His perfectness to bring me to the place He desires. He wants me to be okay with not knowing all the details and He wants me to arrive with the same excitement as my boys. God wants us to walk up to the next place He takes us, open the door and walk in with full confidence that this is where He wants us. I pray that we all can grow stronger in trusting our God to have full control of our lives, including our steps and destinations. I believe the closer we stay by Him in our journey, the more we will see His goodness and perfect plan for each of our lives.
psalm 32 8