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Looking Back

Last week I began thinking about 2015…What were my goals? What did I set out to accomplish? What were all the things I planned to do? (I know this was probably not the ideal time to take a first look at this being a week away from 2016, but better late than never.) I searched Evernote, journals, and notes on my phone until I found my 2015 goals. As I began reading them, I realized that I had not nearly accomplished all I had set out to do. I felt a little depressed as I looked at the list and thought of all I had not done. There I was with all my un-accomplishments staring me in the face. As I buried my head in regret, I asked myself a quick question, “What had I done with 2015?” This simple question that was being asked in regret, instead lifted my head as I realized all that 2015 carried. It might not have been a year where I checked off goals completed, but it was a year that was filled with purpose. Sure I wish I would have been better at looking at my goals throughout the year and I definitely wished I would have sent more cards to friends and family and read a few more books, but just because these things were not completed does not mean the year was a fail. This year was full of purpose…

  • Liam started Kindergarten and our homeschool journey officially began;
  • Jason and I celebrated our ten year anniversary in Israel;
  • Friends and family moved to the DFW area;
  • We received impactful words of encouragement from our church, family and friends;
  • We no longer have diapers in the house (this should definitely be celebrated!);
  • We had great traveling adventures with family and friends;
  • We watched friends and family step out in faith to accomplish the dreams in their heart;
  • We watched our two boys grow in their personality and character;
  • We walked through some “valley” moments and we came out stronger;
  • We had a few updates to our house;
  • We played and rested; and
  • So much more.

So yes this year might not have been all it was set out to be according to my plans, but it was indeed a year that had purpose. Saying all this, I want to encourage you not to be so hard on yourself for missing a few check marks on your goal list or to do sheet. In reflection of 2015, think of all that was accomplished. I firmly believe there was something good that occurred and even some great that 2015 carried. Give yourself grace to enter into 2016 free of guilt or regret instead of being focused on what wasn’t completed. This is what I am choosing. I am choosing to focus on all that was done and all that is left to do with excitement, joy and grace. Will I walk into 2016 with more goals and another to do list? Most definitely, but I will not become so focused on completing them that I lose sight of everything else that is happening around and through me. I want to step into 2016 being aware of each day and all that it holds.

Cheers to 2016!!! Let this be a year full of joy, love and grace!!!