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“Shout Out to All the MOMs!!!” by Heather Cromer

A few weeks ago my good friend, Heather Cromer, shared such an encouraging word to a group of moms and I could not pass up the opportunity to share with you. Heather is an amazing mom of two boys, 4 and almost 2 years old. She mothers with such a beautiful heart. She is the mom who has gone and will go to the ends of the earth for her children. I have watched first hand. I hope her advice and reminders below encourage you as much as they encouraged me.

Dear Sister Friends,

The past 2 years I have found myself in one of the most authentic, hilarious, life-giving small groups of women. I think I love it so much because I see the body of Christ active in it. As a group, we celebrate when one of us has something to celebrate. When one is grieving, we all mourn AND PRAY together. During this season of raising littles, there have been so many times I just needed someone to remind me that I, my unique self with desires and dreams of my own, was still in there. I needed the reminder that I was more than just a mom. That I was more than just a food-preparing, laundry-folding, diaper-changing robot with no actual thoughts or feelings. These moms do that for me. When I got together with them a few weeks ago, God gave me some encouraging thoughts to share and I pray they encourage you as well.

DISCLAIMER: For the following thoughts to make sense, You should go read 1 Corinthians 12:12-28.

– COMPARISON is SUCH A KILL JOY. I am so thankful to be in this particular time and surrounded by a group of women who seem to be understanding that we are not in competition with each other. In fact, we actually help to complete each other. We are after all each different parts of the body! God is all about unity & honors it. We need each other!

– I want to bring to your attention the fact that there are internal organs in your physical body that will literally never see the light of day BUT without them, we DIE. In the same way, there are some behind the scenes roles in the body of Christ that may never be recognized or abundantly appreciated but without them the body of Christ does not function as it should. I know sometimes as a stay-at-home mom with a son with special needs, I have thought, “I may never see the light of day”. However, the work I am doing is SO valuable. So is YOUR work. I want to encourage you if you are feeling like an “unseen part” THE BODY CANNOT FUNCTION WITHOUT YOU. I SEE YOU. GOD SEES YOU.

– Don’t ever confuse the two, your life and your work. The second is only part of the first. You are the only person alive who has sole custody of your life. Your particular life. Your entire life” – Anna Quindlen

– From For the Love by Jen Hatmaker:  “A worthy life involves loving as loved folks do, sharing the ridiculous mercy God spoiled us with first. It means restoring people, in ordinary conversations and regular encounters. A worthy life means showing up when showing up is the only thing to do. To Mama at home with a bunch of littles, you can live a life worthy right now. Your calling is today. God makes you worthy as you desire goodness for your children, meeting needs and nurturing little souls. No future calling is any more important than your current stationYou have access to the kingdom now: the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. That is every Christians calling and the gospel is perfectly demonstrated through the daily labor of parenting.” (Can I get an amen!!!)

– Faithfulness is not easy, but it is simple. You are already able, already positioned, already valuable in your normal life on your normal street next to your normal neighbors in your normal work.

Jen Hatmaker in For the Love described my heart’s desire for you so perfectly. I encourage you to read this out loud and replace the “you” with “I”. Declare this truth over your life.

“You are smart and capable, strong and wise. You are an overcomer, a prized member of the body of Christ. You have so much to offer. You can gather your girlfriend tribe and raise kids together, providing the happiest childhood they ever complained about. You can crack open your bible and preach good news to the poor. You can model faithful friendship around your table, and you can stretch your hand across oceans to mamas everywhere. You can do small work. You can do big work. You are so able in Jesus, so beloved, so permitted. You have a role. Your place is secure. You have authority to use your home as a sanctuary, your hands as tools of healing, your voice as an instrument of hope, your gifts as channels of incredible power.”

I want to continue to spur you on to pursue your dreams and encourage you as you complete your everyday duties. I want to continue to be this sisterhood of fierce women who complete each other as we are pieces of the body of the Christ. Thank you for choosing to lift each other up rather than tear down. Thank you for doing hard things in invisible trenches. I am so inspired by you!

Much Love & Respect,

Heather Cromer