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God is teaching me that we can’t assume His plan. I think many times we see God’s plan through our own eyes. We assume perfect to us is perfect to Him. However, I am discovering perfect to us and perfect to Him can look quite different. I know my plan to redeem humanity would not have looked like His. I would not have given up my only son for all of humanity. I am not sure I would have given up my family to save others. I believe I would be too selfish for that. I would have come up with a different plan…maybe like take a deep breath and blow out all the sins of the world. Or I might have simply waved my powerful hands and declared “sin be gone.” But God’s plan looked completely different and guess what, His plan was and still is perfect. I am so thankful that His plan looked different than mine. He is wiser than I am. His understanding of our needs is greater than mine. He sees the days, weeks, months and years ahead, while my sight is limited. My sight can barely mark out my day.

What could possibly happen when we set our heart and mind on our plans?  We can start to question God when it doesn’t look as we have envisioned. We might become bitter and saddened when things don’t go how we assume. We stall ourselves in the waiting until “perfect” comes around. We miss out on opportunities because we are so focused on seeing our plan accomplished. Our days become filled with frustration as we get caught up in the plan, instead of the ultimate Planner.

I know for me I have envisioned what the days ahead look like. As my family has stepped out in faith to move and start a church, my plan was that as the step happened, the house would sell, the resources would line up and so forth, but right now things look a little different. We could sit here and easily question the step of faith we have taken. We could easily decide to wait until our defined perfect rolls around. But instead, we are choosing to submit our plan to Him. We trust His plan is perfect. His timing is perfect and He can be trusted for He knows whats in the store in the days ahead. So, today I am taking time to remind myself that my perfect and his perfect might look a little different…okay, maybe a lot different. Instead of my perfect, I desire His perfect.

Ps. 18:30 “As for God, His way is perfect.”

It does not get any clearer than that. I pray that I am always reminded to seek His way and His plan. I pray that I stay humble and trust His ways our greater than mine. He sees what we need. He sees our hearts desires. He sees the days ahead. He knows what is best for His children. And He can be trusted.

So today I encourage you to submit your plan to His perfect. Take all that you hope and desire and give it God. Seek Him and His ways. Remember His ways our greater than ours. His way is perfect and most of the time looks a little different than our perfect.

I also encourage you to read His word and discover how His ways and His timing in His plan look different than we would assume.