Purpose Changes Things

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It has been a little over a month since the boys, our dog and I stepped onto a plane with three suitcases to meet my husband Jason in our new city, the city of San Francisco. A few weeks ago we moved into our new home and today I am taking it all in.

Taking time to reflect during transitions, change, and new seasons is important. During this time it is easy to get caught up in all that has to be done, but I am a firm believer you have to hit pause and allow yourself time to reflect.

As I sit here thinking through the move and the transition, I am in awe with how much peace has been in each step, even steps that came by surprise. It has been a whirlwind for sure as we, natives to Louisiana, moved from Grapevine, Texas to San Francisco, California. In addition to leaving the “southern world” and entering the “west coast world”, we moved without furniture, a car and our Texas home still for sale. All of those details can be overwhelming, but I can confidently say that the transition has been full of peace and purpose. I feel that PURPOSE is the very thing that has provided peace…the purpose behind the move, the purpose behind some of the chaos, the purpose behind navigating the finances and more. When there is purpose there is an unexplainable peace that exists. Yes sometimes in the moment I can become overwhelmed and question everything, but when I pause and remind myself of purpose, my perspective shifts and peace invades. I wish I had discovered the significance of this years ago. When something in your life carries purpose, you will discover that you face scenarios differently. For instance, many might have seen the unfortunate event that took place in the middle of the day when Jason was getting stamps to ironically send out thank you letters to everyone who has helped us on this journey. While in the store, someone broke into our car. Initially, I was broken just like the car window. Questions, doubt and fear rushed my heart and mind; then purpose appeared and things shifted. I was reminded that we live in an imperfect and broken world and this was the very reason we moved into this city…to deliver hope, healing, and love. A broken car window was something that could have happened anywhere, yet in the moment fear gripped me and I questioned why we had moved here. But thank you Jesus for reminding me of the why and setting purpose in my heart.

PURPOSE CHANGES THINGS. I am not sure what you are facing or what you might be walking through, but I encourage you to pause and discover purpose. I encourage you to think through the purpose of your job, the purpose of your family, and the purpose of the roles you carry. Maybe like us, you need to pause and remind yourself of the purpose behind the move, the purpose behind leaving “comfort”, and the purpose behind diving into the unknown. Don’t let the to do list, the challenges or the misfortunates of today blind you of the purpose for your day. So today, pause and reflect and discover purpose.


And here is a snapshot on the Lairds Adventure in SF:

  • When we arrived we were grateful to stay with Jason’s sister until we found furniture for our new house, which was a huge blessing!
  • One of our best friends offered to drive our car here with some of our things, which again was a major blessing!
  • After a week of arriving here, we moved into a beautiful rent house and are continuing to make it our home.
  • The boys and I are working on getting back into our routine of homeschool and hoping to connect with other homeschool groups in the area.
  • Jason continues to move the church forward everyday. He is building great relationships and is excited about all God has in store for the Bay Area.
  • To stay up to date on our journey continue to check out itsalladventure.com.
  • You can also find out about Sozo Church at sozo.co and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @sozochurchsf