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Back to Blogging

Back to school for the kids and back to blogging for me. This summer went by extremely fast. We went from nothing planned to a summer full of events, camps, travel and more. Even though it went fast, we had a great time and shared some amazing memories. One of them was going to a beautiful lake for vacation. The beach is our usual vacation spot, but this year we went with something different and were so glad we did. As I kid, I went to the lake every summer with my family and grandparents, so I was excited to experience the same thing with my husband and kids. The boys had so many “firsts” on this trip. I loved sitting back and watching them leap into the lake, hold on tight while riding the tube and scream “faster” on the jet skis. We also were able to travel to California and Louisiana to visit friends and family. We savor every chance we get to see them. (Check out some snaps of our adventurous summer below)

And now we are back to getting on schedules with school, sports, work, groups, etc. This is always a fun transition…said no one ever! Liam is starting first grade and playing flag football and Nixon is starting Pre-K and playing baseball. We are excited to see how they continue to grow and learn. I also absolutely love watching them play sports and yes, I am sometimes the mom who is obnoxiously screaming from the stands for their kids. With all that the rest of the year holds, I am excited to share some new stuff on the blog. I have some new recipes I’ve tried out, parenting tools I have found and some things I am learning about in life. So happy “Back to School” and “Back to Blogging” everyone. I am looking forward to connecting again next week….And just a hint I might be sharing a little something about avocados.


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Just Because

just becauseHave you ever received a “just because”? Have you ever given a “just because”? This “just because” might have been a free coffee, thank you note, hug or simply a quick text letting someone know you were thinking about them. Recently, I received one of those simple text; a just because text that simply wrote, “I am thinking about you.” Some people may refer to these “just because” acts as random acts of kindness; however, for me when I refer to a “just because” I am referring to a moment when a friend or family member decides to let you know they care. You receive a letter in the mail from a long distance friend. Your child runs to give you a hug for no reason at all. You meet up with a friend for lunch and they brought you a gift. Your husband calls you in the middle of the day to remind you how he much he loves you. These “just because” moments go a little deeper than a stranger buying your lunch. (Those moments I refer to as “God winks” but that is for another blog for another day.)
When I received that text the other day, it brought a smile to my face and it warmed my heart so much to know that my friend in the middle of her day decided to stop what she was doing to let me know I was on her mind. That simple text spoke volumes to me and added a little extra pep to my step that day.
If it has been a while since you completed a “just because” for someone you know then I challenge you to complete one this week. Remind someone they have value. Remind someone who you see every day how much you care about them. Sometimes the people closest to us hear that the least. Remind your friend that you are here for her by bringing her dinner. You may not know even why that friend or family member is on your mind, but stop and simply let them know you are thinking about them. So don’t just sit there, grab your phone, turn on the oven or grab a card to start your “just because”. You never know whose day needs a little extra pep.

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Just Do It.

A few weeks ago, one of Liam’s coaches asked myself and another mom if we would like to join the soccer team she played on. We talked about it for a bit and then left. I pondered the idea for some time, but was not so sure about it. Then at another one of Liam’s soccer games, the other mom, says, “I signed up. Did you?” and my quick, not thought through, response was, “I am signing up today.” There it was. I just committed to do it. I just committed to join a soccer team. What was crazy about all of it was that I was not hesitant or in regret at all, I was pretty excited. I thought, “I had played before, so this wouldn’t be so hard, right?” Yes, it might have been 13 years since I had been on a field, but all of those soccer “skills” I had possessed would return. Our first game was Monday and my so-called skills were pretty rusty or maybe they were never that great to begin with. No matter what happened on the field, I was glad that I made that quick response. Sometimes you have to do things spontaneously, not dwell on the idea or the what ifs or hows, but just do it.

One of the things that excite me the most about joining a soccer team is that I have the opportunity to meet people outside of the church walls. Getting to hang out with women of all ages and backgrounds weekly through sports is non-threatening, fun and full of opportunity. I am not saying that you cannot do this within the church, but sometimes I feel like meeting people within the church can become limited. Through this team, I get to connect, build relationships, and make memories. I also get some great exercise and laugh a lot, mostly at myself. This team is sort of like medicine to my soul. I don’t have to think about anything, no phone, kids, or to-do lists. Its forty-five minutes for me to disconnect and at the same time to connect with others. If you have a chance to join a team in your area, just do it. Maybe sports are not something that you like. Then I encourage you to think about what you enjoy and find out if there are interest groups in your area. Have fun with it and most of all take the time to connect with others. And take it from me, you definitely do not have to be extremely talented or have it all together to join. Remember it is all a part of an adventure. So on Monday nights, part of that adventure is me joining fifteen other women to play a game of soccer and I am loving it.