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“Is It On Sale?”

“Is it on sale?” This was a question my mom repeatedly asked me before a purchase was made. She even wrote me a poem once and lines within the poem were “never buy it unless it’s been marked down twice.” Today when I visit with her, she is quick to show me a new purchase that was bought on sale. Recently my four year old and I were in the store and he picked something out and said, “Mom, can we get this or is this not on sale?” So I guess you could say that my mom’s ways of shopping have rubbed off on me.

So today I want to share a few of my shopping habits with you:
1. Is it on sale? This is definitely a question I pose before any purchase. And when I look for a sale, a couple of dollars off is not much of a sale, but if the item is something I must purchase then $2.00 is better than none.
2. When I purchase items online, I will always google coupon codes for that site. For instance, when I recently made a purchase I found a coupon for 20% off and for free shipping. I went with the latter as it was the best savings for me and I ended up saving $7.00 by using the free shipping coupon code.
3. When I purchase large items in the store or when I am only making one specific purchase in a store, I will google that item to see if it is cheaper anywhere else and then see if the store will match it and these days most stores will match competitors prices. This has helped me save up to $20 or more sometimes.

Now I will admit that I am not a coupon queen, but I am about a deal. I will also admit that I am not much of a shopper, but when I do shop I look for a deal. You also need to know that just because something is on sale does not mean that it needs to be purchased. I know that is hard for some to hear, especially my mom if she is reading, but we must be wise with purchases. 🙂

I would love to hear some ways you save. Please share as I know many of us looking for a deal are always looking for more ways to find them.